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Student Services Guide



During Advisory students plan and organize school and team activities, discuss guidelines and problems of attendance, performance, and other issues relevant to the success of every student. The goals for Advisory are to improve and maintain communication, practice problem-solving skills, and build relationships among class members.  Advisory meets for 30 minutes each day.


Counseling Services

Our counseling department serves the guidance needs of our students, by assisting in their academic, social, emotional, and personal development. Students who wish to have a conference with a counselor should schedule an appointment. In case of an emergency, students may go directly to the counselor’s office after obtaining a pass from the teacher responsible for them during that class period.  Parents/guardians who wish to speak with any of the counselors may call during the school day.


Student Services Coordinator

Our student services coordinator (SSC) works closely with the faculty to ensure the needs of all learners are met. If your child has services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) or Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (504) the SSC is your initial point of contact. Please make an appointment to see the SSC if you have questions regarding these services.


Health Services

A student with an illness or injury should ask their teacher for a health room referral slip. If a student should feel ill or get injured before school, during recess or lunch or after school they may report directly to the office or health room. If students are found with active/live head lice, or “ukus”, parents will be notified for pick-up.  Emergency Information cards must be kept current in order to contact parents/guardians in case of accidental injury or illness.  Please report changes in addresses, phone numbers, or emergency contacts to the office as soon as possible.


Student Activities and Athletics

Research has shown that students who are involved with co-curricular or extracurricular activities do better in their school work and enjoy attending school. Students are encouraged to join one or more of the many co-curricular activities offered at MMS. Faculty and community partners volunteer to provide fun, learning experiences for diverse interests.  Although these offerings may change from year to year, depending on the schedules of our volunteers, most activities are offered each year. Students should listen to the morning bulletin for sign-up information or see the Student Activities Coordinator in the SG Room or the Sports Coordinator in the Security Office. Activities may include:



Cross Country

Track & Field

Basketball (boys & girls)

Soccer (boys & girls)

Volleyball (boys & girls)

Wrestling (boys & girls)

Student Government

Yearbook Committee

Media & Communications Program

Anime Club

Chess Club

Multicultural Drama Club

Robotics Team

After School Tutoring


Page Updated: 8/2018