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Formerly known as Moanalua Intermediate School, Moanalua Middle School is located on the island of Oahu about eight miles west of the capital city of Honolulu, and within three miles of Honolulu International Airport. The school was opened in 1967.  Approximately 92 staff members serve approximately 900 students in grades seven and eight. Included in the staff are three counselors, a registrar, a half-time student activities coordinator, as well as a technology coordinator and middle school coordinator. The school reflects the economic and ethnic diversity of the community, with approximately 33% of the student population being military dependents from Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard as well as from the reserve and national guard families. The ethnic composition of the student body, based on the most recent profile data, is as follows: 19% Filipino; 17% White; 16% Japanese; 15% Other--Mixed; 8% Hawaiian/Part Hawaiian; 7% Black; 6% Chinese; 5% Korean; 3% Hispanic (Spanish, Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican); 2% Pacific Islanders; 1% Indo-Chinese (Cambodian, Vietnamese, Laotian)
The Moanalua Complex is made up of one high school, one middle school, and four elementary schools. Because of the diversity of the school communities and the transient population, the present administration has promoted on-going complex articulation as well as communication with parents. An active PTSA supports school efforts, and a volunteer parent serves as coordinator for the Parent/Community Networking Center on campus. A partnership with the Navy Meteorology and Oceanography Center was established in May, 1992, expanding the role of volunteers, parents, and the military community members in the school. Partnership efforts have included campus beautification, classroom and curriculum support, tutoring of students, tours of Navy weather forecasting facilities, and an Introduction to Meteorology course taught by military volunteers in our After School Instructional Program.
Moanalua Middle School has a strong academic focus and is highly regarded by students from other communities as many applications are received each year for geographic exceptions. The fine arts program, including band, orchestra, and art, are considered exemplary. Students and teachers have received district, state and national recognition. Media technology, including computer education, is infused across the curriculum and has been a special area of emphasis. Purchasing priority, staff development, and parent and community participation have supported this effort.
Moanalua Middle is an SCC school committed to shared decision-making.