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Health Room Information

Procedures for Student Release from the Health Room


*  Student will be released to only parent/guardian listed on the emergency card.

*  If the parent/guardian is unable to pick up the student, parent can authorize another named family member/friend to pick up.

*  Parent/Guardian or authorized named family member/friend must present a picture ID.

*  Sign out sheet and pass is located in front office on counter, please fully fill out sign out sheet.

*  Health Room is located in the office - Check in the front office inform you have a child (first and last name) in the health room.




Please assist our school with completing the emergency card sent home this first week of school.  Complete both sides fully with parent signature return as soon as possible to their advisory teacher.  Your prompt attention helps in case of emergency/illness and informing the teacher/health assistant with any health/medical concerns about your child. (Reminder that this emergency card does not cover the carrying or storing of meds in the health room, forms ~SH36/Self Administer, are to be turned in every school year). If any changes to phone number, address, or emergency contacts throughout the school year please notify the school immediately. 


Thank you and have a wonderful day! Michelle School Health Assistant