The following list is subject to change.
TEAM 7A - Mrs. Rivera, English ** Ms, Kaneshiro, Math ** Mrs. Ifuku-Yi, Social Studies ** Ms. Chun, Science ** 
TEAM 7B - Mrs. Choi, English ** Mrs. Wolf, Math ** Mrs. Tanton, Social Studies ** Mr. Kaneshiro, Science ** 
TEAM 7C - Mrs. Ayau-Odom, English ** Mr. Shain, Math ** Mr. Honjiyo, Social Studies ** Mrs. Provencio, Science ** Ms. Nakama- Ching, Math ** Mr. Matsuura, Science **
TEAM 8A - Mrs. Montoya, English ** Mrs. Yamagata, Math ** Mr. Wong, Social Studies ** Mrs. Peebles, Science**
TEAM 8B - Mrs. Abdelahad, English ** Mr. Kiriu, Math ** Mrs. Inouye, Social Studies ** Ms. David, Science**
TEAM 8C - Mrs. Kikiloi, English ** Ms. Fuertes, Math ** Mr. Nakata, Social Studies, ** Ms. Fukuzono, Science ** Ms. Fuertes, Math ** Mr. Ushiroda, English ** Mr. Matsuura, Science **
Students in Algebra will have Mrs. Mew listed on their Program of Courses.