Guests / Tickets:

We expect approximately 800 parents and guests. This number will fill the entire guest seating section that we are allowed to use in the Concert Hall. Therefore, we do not have extra seats to allow more than TWO (2) guests per student. TWO (2) tickets will be issued to students who are eligible and submit permission forms & payment to attend the promotion ceremony. Tickets will be issued to students on May 25. Young children will be considered guests and will need a ticket, so parents may want to make babysitting arrangements for that morning. Cooperation is requested from all adults to honor this 2-guest limit and to make it possible for all parents to enjoy the ceremony. Due to safety/liability issues, Blaisdell security will not allow others to wait outside the Concert Hall, so please do NOT bring other guests who do not have tickets and do NOT encourage friends and relatives to wait outside for the ceremony to be over.


Students are expected to be in school for the normal start time of 8:30 AM. Buses will leave MMS at approx. 9:00 AM. After the banquet is over at 3:45 PM, buses will bring students back to MMS. Parents will need to pick up students at 4:30 PM at MMS.


In order to keep costs at a minimum, MMS will not be hiring Blaisdell custodians. We agreed that our students and guests would not bring any of the following items into the Concert Hall: balloons, flowers, lei, or large gift items. Students may NOT wear or carry any lei or flowers during the ceremony. Students should NOT bring gifts, balloons, flowers, or lei for friends on this day as these items will not be allowed on the bus or at the banquet. Any gift-giving can be done on May 29 or May 31.


Attire for Promotion and Banquet

For this event, students have the option of wearing their school uniforms OR the following approved attire:

Solid color LONG PANTS (no leggings, no shorts); shirt or blouse with sleeves and high necklines. Shirts and blouses may be any color or print. Full length denim jeans are fine, as long as they are clean, presentable (no rips, not faded, etc.), and PROPERLY FITTED (not baggy). Girls may also wear solid color capris-length pants.


Necklines for girls must adhere to the “fist to collarbone” rule, which will be shown to the students. Shirts/blouses must cover the entire shoulder, back, midriff, and chest. No tight or clinging tops. Fabrics should be knit, cotton or other casual fabrics. Sheer (see-through) fabrics or unlined lace are allowed only for sleeves or collars, not the torso area.


Footwear: Clean, comfortable shoes or sandals. Clean athletic shoes are fine. No rubber slippers. No soles or heels over 2” high. For safety reasons, students are required to wear their shoes or sandals the entire day, so shoes should be comfortable and manageable.


Accessories: Students are discouraged from wearing expensive jewelry to these events. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are frequently lost or broken. Each student is responsible for his/her own belongings. There will NOT be a holding area at the banquet.  


Outfits must meet the attire rules WITHOUT the addition of a jacket, sweater, or cover-up. Students are expected to wear their complete outfits - including shoes - for both the promotion ceremony and banquet. No changing is allowed. Therefore, dress comfortably and sensibly for this event. Jackets and long sleeved shirts are usually too warm for students, especially when they start dancing. Attire should be modest and informal. This is NOT a dressy affair, so parents need not purchase new or expensive clothing for this event. We are trying to keep costs down for everyone.


Students who are dressed inappropriately will be issued a school uniform to wear to the ceremony and banquet. The uniform must be returned the next day or the cost of a new uniform will be added to the student’s financial obligations. If the school runs out of uniforms, or if the appropriate size is not available, the student will need to remain on campus in a designated supervised classroom. We will not be able to issue refunds to students who do not attend the promotion ceremony or banquet due to inappropriate attire.



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