Hey Did You Know . . . Blue & White = Green!


Moanalua Elementary School and Moanalua Middle School are GOING GREEN!  In conjunction with our community leaders, MES and MMS will be collecting recyclables.  Please join us as the kids do their part in protecting the aina by reducing their footprint on our island.  We are promoting Aloha Aina Earth Day Event in conjunction with a Yard Sale.  These recycled goods are used back in our community, thus reducing the need to import from off island resources.  In addition, people who want to sell their items without the hassle of placing an ad and the security of selling items away from home are welcome to join our Yard Sale


The “Aloha `Aina Earth Day Recycling Community Clean-Up Project,” is a private-public partnership of generous businesses who donate their time and resources every month to:

• reduce waste by promoting recycling

• divert waste from our landfills

• preserve natural resources and clean up our environment

• help schools and community organizations raise needed funds

• increase awareness about solid waste management and disposal

• save taxpayers’ dollars & save businesses’ bottom line during these tough times


Scrap metal

Usable clothing/household items

HI-5 beverage containers

Plastic bags, plastic bottle caps

Cooking oil

Plastic playground sets, helmets

Cellular phones, printer cartridges

Boogie board, football helmets

DVDs, CDs, Blue Ray, Games

Golf balls – recycle a doz. Get $6 coupon

Fire extinguishers, heat pumps, propane tanks

Pet Food, towels, blankets, toys

Newspaper, cardboard

Unwanted cars – FREE TOWING

By appointment only, call 682-5810

Prom dresses, career attire, accessories


Incandescent light bulb exchange for 2 CFLs

(2 per person)

Telephone books, magazines

Used eye glasses, hearing aids

COLLECTING canned goods for the


Batteries – all kinds

Computers, printers, scanners

***Check and Moanalua Middle School website for updates

Television (1 per household)


Help us help our community by saving your items to recycle on Saturday, March 24th, 2012 from 9:00am – 1:00pm.  We look forward to your valued partnership once again in assisting with this wonderful event! 


While you are at it, JOIN in on the SPRING Cleaning . . . Empty out your unused or unwanted items and donate it or sell them at the “YARD SALE”  Feel free to contact


SATURDAY, March 24th, 2012


9:00am – 1:00pm

Moanalua Elementary and Middle School Campus

1289 – 1337 Mahiole St Honolulu, HI  96819


FREE ADMISSION, open to general public


Yard Sale:  $15

10’ x 10’ space, unfurnished, no electricity


Cafeteria:  $20

6’x 6’ space, or ½ cafeteria style table


$5 off for PTO/PTSA members



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