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News and Announcements

You are invited to attend an orientation night for all parents of 6th graders from the Moanalua feeder schools. Topics of discussion include: Pre-registration information, 7th grade curriculum & elective options, student transportation, geographic exceptions and our 1:1 Access Learning Program.
This session is planned fro parents although students are welcome to attend. There will be time to share questions and concerns. Much of the same information will be provided to students at the student orientations scheduled during March at their elementary school.
2015-2016 BOE Approved School Calendar
Applications for Geographic Exceptions for SY 2015-16

Moanalua Middle School will accept Geographic Exception (GE) Request applications for school year 2015-16 from January 1, 2015 to March 1, 2015. In accordance with Section 8-13-7, a chance selection or lottery will be held in March/April 2015 if the number of applications exceed the number of available spaces. It is important to remember that a new GE application must be submitted for a student who is interested in moving from the elementary school to middle school. For example, if you presently live outside of the Moanalua geographic area, have a child in the 6th grade attending a complex elementary school on a GE, and are interested in your child attending Moanalua Middle School next year, a new GE application must be submitted to Moanalua Middle School. However, if your child already attends Moanalua Middle School on an approved GE and wishes to continue here, a new GE application will not be required.

Once again, the deadline for GE applications is March 1, 2015 and should the number of applications exceed the number of available spaces, a lottery will be held. It is essential that applications are turned in before the March deadline for a request to be considered as part of the chance selection process. Please be informed that:
*An approved geographic exception will later be revoked if information included in the application is found to be false.
*Falsification of a GE form is a misdemeanor offense (H.R.S. Section 710-1063).

Applications are available at all public schools. For more information, please call 305-1289.
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Community News

Moanalua Gardens Community Bulletin December 2014
Moanalua Gardens Community Bulletin November 2014
Moanalua Gardens Community Association - October 2014
Interested in working as a Meal Tracker Attendant in the school cafeteria? If you are available Monday to Friday 10:30am to 1:00pm ,please contact Debbie Swanson, Cafeteria Manager, at 305-1330. The pay is $9 per hour for the 12.5 hours per week.
Moanalua Gardens Community Association - September 2014
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1:1 Program

Upcoming Events

Band Camp
Date: 1/30/2015
Band Camp
Date: 1/31/2015
Date: 1/31/2015, 8 AM 10 AM
Location: Mililani High School
Band Camp
Date: 2/1/2015
Formative Math#1 (Tentative)
Date: 2/2/2015
Formative Math#1 (Tentative)
Date: 2/3/2015

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