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Hawaiian history/Pacific Island Nations (Period All)

Mr. Jarrett Honjiyo
Team 7C
2013 - 2014 SY

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I  visited 4  battlefields today  and air and space.  no question today.  just turn in answers to ms. abbey

Today I saw dinosaur fossils, planes, jets, rockets, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. After, my friends and I got a private tour of the Capital by Representative Tulsi Gabbard's staff. Unfortunately, she wasnt there but we got to sit in her seat in her office. Senator Daniel Inouye made sure that Kamehameha's statue was in the open light and no bridge or walk-way would go over the King's head. Before Kamehameha's statue was hidden in the back corner of a room but now it is in the front for EVERYONE to see! Trivia Question #4: There are two Representatives from Hawaii. Tulsi Gabbard is one, who is the other? 

 today I  got to go to the white house,  American  history and holocaust  museum along with the Lincoln, wwii,  and  Washington  monument.  no president but I  saw his dogs!  the holocaust museum was  quite depressing and sad. I can't imagine going through even a day that people in concentration camps had to go through. trivia question 3... the pieces  of cloth are pieces of what your national anthem is written about.  what is the national anthem written about?

Had a  great day at two battlefields, Antietam  and Monocacy.  we also got a  impromptu  civil war guns lesson from a  former resident from Hawaii. In antietam  more 20,000  were killed or wounded in one day.  trivia  question 2:  Denzel   Washington won an academy award for playing a  soldier of the 54th Massachusetts all  black regiment.  his  regiment commander was wounded in the corn fields  I'm pictured in front of.  what was the commander's  name?  You may use the internet to find any of the answers.    at the  end of the week..all correctly answered  questions ballots will be put in a  drawing. winner will get a prize from my travels.  one winner per class.

 toured  the battlefield  of Gettysburg...7000 people were killed in 3 days in this union victory

... trivia question 1. a  famous speech was given at the grave site in one of my pictures. what was the name of the speech and who gave it?

 Just got to Gettysburg today and did a  night time ghost tour of  the  town with the author  of spooky  tales from Gettysburg. touring the field tomorrow. tr

ivia  questions coming up soon.