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Standards and Benchmarks

Content Area: Science
Grade / Course: 7 Quarter: 1
The Benchmark Map is developed with the following premises:
• All benchmarks for the grade level/course will be achieved in a school year.
• Major understandings are the big generalizations for the topic/concept.
◊ Italicized benchmarks are taught and assessed in more than one quarter.
Big Idea(s) / Major Understanding(s): Students will understand that...
  1. Scientists ask questions and explore possible answers by conducting scientific investigations.
  2. Questioning and observing are the basis from which hypotheses are formed to be tested in scientific investigations.
  3. The goal of scientific inquiry is to understand and explain the natural world.
  4. Scientific inquiry is a process that can be used by anyone who understands it.
  5. Safety is an essential component in conducting a scientific investigation.
  6. Inquiry continues after the original investigation, with new questions, new evidence, and revisions.
  7. It is essential to critically review all sources of information.
HCPS III Benchmarks:
◊ 7.1.1 Scientific Inquiry
Design and safely conduct a scientific investigation to answer a question or test a hypothesis
◊ 7.1.2 Scientific Inquiry
Explain the importance of replicable trials
◊ 7.1.3 Scientific Knowledge
Explain the need to revise conclusions and explanations based on new scientific evidence
◊ 7.2.1 Science, Technology, and Society
Explain the use of reliable print and electronic sources to provide scientific information and evidence