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School Lunch Program




  • The HIDOE uses an electronic meal accounting system. Absolutely no cash will be accepted at the point of sale (in the breakfast or lunch line).
  • All students shall receive one (1) school issued ID badge at no charge. This ID badge includes a unique barcode linked to the student’s meal account and be used for the purposes of purchasing meals in the school’s cafeteria.
  • A student’s eligibility status (i.e. free, reduced, or paid) is kept confidential and NOT identified on the ID badge.
  • This accounting system keeps track of student spending from deposited funds. Parents may request by calling or visiting the school office to view their child’s account history during business hours (7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).

Free and Reduced Meals Application

  • Applications must be submitted annually.
  • Application forms are available in the office. All student information packets distributed during packet pick-up will have this application included.
  • You may apply online at; do not complete a paper application if an online application is submitted.


  • Deposit funds by cash or check to meal accounts at the school office, or online by credit card at (the 10-digit student ID number, located on the report card and schedule of courses, is required).
  • Cash deposits must be exact, the school office cannot guarantee change will be available.
  • Make checks payable to: DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (DOE). A service charge of $25.00 will be assessed for dishonored checks (Section 40-35.5, Hawaii Revised Statutes). If a dishonored check should be returned to the our office, only cash payments will be accepted thereafter. Note: At the start of the fourth quarter, no checks will be accepted as payments for meals, cash only.
  • Deposits into a meal account before 10:30 a.m. will be credited to the account on the same day. Deposits made after 10:30 a.m. will be posted to the account the next day.

Meal Prices

  • See chart below:

Serving Time

Meal Type



7:30 - 8:10


Reduced price student breakfast

Second or additional breakfast

Adult breakfast

Extra milk







11:35 - 12:45


Reduced price student lunch

Second student entree

Second or additional lunch

Adult lunch

Extra milk








Prices are subject to change. Updates will be made on our website.


Insufficient Funds

  • Please be aware that students must have available funds in their account before a meal can be purchased. Insufficient funds = No Meal. However, students will not be denied a first lunch within seven (7) days after their meal account reaches a zero balance. Students will not be allowed a second entree or second lunch while in loan status (negative balance).  It is recommended that students bring a home lunch to keep the loan to a minimal.
  • Students in loan status will not be allowed to purchase a breakfast to keep the loan to a minimal.
  • Students who are eligible for Free/Reduced Meals must funds in their account IF they are planning on purchasing either a second meal or extra milk.  These items are charged at full price.

Unpaid Meal Charges (Loans)

  • The HIDOE and MMS cannot make unlimited loans for meals. Therefore, we kindly request your prompt attention should your child enter into loan status (negative balance).
  • Weekly notifications will be made if your child has a low balance ($5.00 or less) or in loan status (negative balance). Notifications may come in the form of phone calls, personal contact, written letters, or voice messenger system. Your attention to these matters is appreciated.
  • MMS reserves the right to deny meal service if a meal account remains in a loan status (negative balance) after seven (7) days. Therefore, should your child’s account enter into loan status, providing them with a home lunch is highly recommended until the balanced is paid and additional funds deposited.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider


Updated: 8/2018