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Meal Tracker and School Lunch Program

NOTE: State DOE Memo 1/18/2018
The School Food Service Branch is changing its electronic meal accounting system statewide to Harris School Solutions eTrition. Because of this change, beginning January 22, 2018 parents will no longer have the capability to make meal balances electronically through schoolcafe. During the transition to the new system meal deposits need to be made directly to the school using the provided envelopes found at our front counter. If you currently make online deposits through schoolcafe, and have reoccurring automatic deposit feature enabled, please login and be certain to turn this feature off.
Moanalua Middle School’s computerized meal system is the PrimeroEdge System. The purpose of this memo is to provide families with important information related to the use of the student ID card for meal purchases.
  • Each student will automatically be assigned one free student ID card which includes a barcode.
  • Each card will include the student’s picture, name, and barcode representing his/her unique PIN.
  • Each student’s account is like a personal debit account for purchasing school meals. 
  • Each student or parent will make deposits to their account by cash or check. Checks are payable to the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (DOE).
  • Parents will be able to view purchase history, receive low balance alerts, and have an option to pay for meals online (a 5% transaction fee will be assessed)
  • Student eligibility status, i.e. Free, Reduced, or Paid, is confidential and is not identified on the individual student ID cards.
  • Each regular paying student must submit a MINIMUM DEPOSIT of $20.00 at the time of packet pickup.
  • Qualified reduced priced paying students must submit a MINIMUM of $2.00 at the time of packet pickup.
  • The maximum amount you can have in your account is $150.00.
  • Deposits must be exact amounts.
  • Students who are eligible for Free Meals must deposit money IF they are planning on purchasing either a second meal or extra milk. Second meals or extra milks are charged at full price. See below for prices.
The following meals are sold daily:
Breakfast Cost for Regular Student          $1.20
Breakfast Cost for Reduced Student        $0.30
Student Second Breakfast Meal               $2.40
Breakfast Cost of Adult                             $2.40
Lunch Cost for Regular Student               $2.50
Lunch Cost for Reduced Student             $0.40
Student Second Entree                            $2.00
Student Second Meal                               $5.50
Lunch Cost for Adult                                 $5.50
*Board of Education approved change in school meal prices on April 7, 2015 in accordance with a 2009 state law requiring the Hawaii State Department of Education to charge at least half the cost of preparing the meals.
Students deposit money into their account and use their bar coded student ID card which is scanned in the cafeteria for their meals. IMPORTANT NOTE: The students must have money in their accounts BEFORE going to buy their meals. Insufficient funds=No meals.  All students must drop off their payments in the morning before school begins and during break.  Due to strict federal regulations, we are not able to collect money in the student lunch line.
The system keeps track of how students are spending their deposited funds, and parent requests to view their child’s account history can be made at any time at the office. When a student has a balance of $11.00 or less (regular payers) or $2.00 (Reduced lunch payers), the meal tracker scanning machine will alert the meal clerk of the low balance.  The meal clerk will alert the student of his/her balance and that they have to add more money into their account. The meal clerk will continue to alert the student until the student adds money into their account.  Insufficient funds = No meals.
During the school year, when your child comes on the first day, he/she will received, their student ID with their individual pin numbers. 
If you have any questions regarding the changes outlined in this letter, please contact our office at 305-1289.
Students are required to have their ID for scanning of the bar code for the lunch system. If they do not have their IDs they will NOT be able to purchase meals.  Please make sure your child brings their IDs daily.  
Should a student not have his/her ID, a good faith effort will be made to contact his/her parents.  If school is unable to contact parents, the student can purchase a new ID for $5.00.  If parents are concerned about their child forgetting their ID at home, parents can purchase a second ID for $5.00 and have their respective grade level vice principal hold on to their extra ID card in case they forget to bring their ID to school.  Please remember, however, that it is the student's responsibility to return the extra ID card to their respective vice principal at the end of the school day.  

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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