School Policies » Chapter 19 (HAR 8-19)

Chapter 19 (HAR 8-19)

In order to provide an environment conducive to teaching and learning, teachers, students, and parents must work together in a positive and supportive atmosphere. This atmosphere cannot exist without a safe and orderly campus. To ensure safety and order, Moanalua Middle School operates under a progressive discipline system based on state laws, Department of Education policies and school level rules. This system is encoded in Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) 8-19: Student Misconduct, Discipline, School Searches and Seizures, Reporting Offenses, Police Interviews and Arrests, and Restitution for Vandalism commonly referred to as "Chapter 19". Upon entering school, every student receives a Chapter 19 booklet. Please read the booklet carefully.
Updated: 8/2018
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