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Congratulations to our staff members for their service and dedication to our Keiki.  Congratulations to Mrs. Higashi for 30 years of service and Congratulations to Mrs. Miyasato, Mrs. Montoya, Ms. Provencio and Mr. Iwamura for 20 years of service.  We appreciate you all.
Aloha Moanalua Middle School Community,
Starting Monday, September 13, 2021, Governor Ige's executive order will be in place.  This requires all visitors to school facilities (ie. Parents, Contractors, visitors) for business taking longer than 10 minutes the need to show proof of Covid 19 vaccination or Negative Covid 19 test results (within the past 72 hours).  Students are exempt from this executive order.
You can either show this by the following:
  • Showing your physical vaccination card
  • Showing a photo or digital copy of your vaccine card
  • Or using the state’s new Hawaii SMART Card app
Mahalo For your flexibility, patience, and understanding.  Mahalo.
Aloha Moanalua Middle School Families,
We will be holding our first Covid 19 Testing on Wednesday, September 22, from 230-330pm in our cafeteria that will be open to MMS students and staff due to the limited test kits we will have on site.  Please check your Jupiter Ed accounts for an email from me.  This is not mandatory.  We just want to do our part to help out.  If you have any questions, please email me in Jupiter.  Mahalo, and be safe out there.
Aloha Moanalua Middle School Families,
I just wanted to give you a heads up that soon we will be an official Covid Testing Site.  We are working out the details, and will announce on our website when our first Test date will be.  Stay Tuned and have an awesome Labor Day weekend.  Mahalo for supporting your child and our school.  Go Mustangs.
Good Morning, Aloha Kakahiaka Moanalua Middle Community. Have an awesome Aloha Wednesday. Don’t forget this Monday we celebrate Labor Day. (So no classes in session on 9/6/21)  To our military families, enjoy your 4-day weekend. #mmsherd #808educate Hawai'i Public Schools
"Sun is shining, weather is sweet," Good Morning, Aloha Kakahiaka Moanalua Middle. Have an Awesome Aloha Friday and a restful weekend. Go Mustangs and Go Bows. #mmsherd #808educate Hawai'i Public Schools
Welcoming you to our campus every morning.  Mahalo for your continued support to our school.  Go Mustangs
Good Morning, Aloha Kakahiaka Moanalua Middle, have a happy Aloha Thursday. Remember we celebrate our Statehood holiday tomorrow (8/20/21) so no classes will be in session, enjoy your 3 day weekend and please be safe. @mmsherd #808educate
Today we held our first, "Block Schedule," for our students and staff this morning.  Teams could do unified lessons or activities.  Here are some pictures from today's Block...
Good Morning, Aloha Kakahiaka Moanalua Middle School. Have an awesome Aloha Wednesday. Remember that this Friday is a holiday, "Statehood." #mmsherd #808educate
Good Morning Moanalua Middle, Have an awesome, "Aloha Friday." Drive safe and be safe... #mmsherd #808educate
Organizing our Ch. 19 thoughts today... Great Job class. #mmsherd #808educate
Good Morning Moanalua Mustangs, have an awesome Wednesday. Be safe everyone. #mmsherd #808educate
Good Morning Moanalua. Have an awesome Tuesday. Be Safe Out There. #mmsherd #808educate
Awesome job families with morning traffic today, it seems that you are all preparing and making great adjustments when dropping off your children in the morning. It will get better. The high times for traffic looks like 7:45am till about 8:05am. #mmsherd #808educate
Mahalo to our families for following our safety protocols during these challenging times. Make sure you do your wellness checks at home, and if your child seems ill, keep them home. #mmsherd #808educate
Keeping our facilities sanitized. #mmsherd #808educate
Aloha Families:
Traffic Update: (8/6/21)
Great Job Families. We got our heavy traffic done before 3pm today, which is a big difference from yesterday's 325pm.
That's an indicator that you have all made adjustments to picking up your child. We can get better each day.
In the morning we did have a snag with a parked car, but when it was brought to my attention, we took care of that.
Have a great weekend everyone. See you on Monday. Don't forget students Mon. and Tue. We have iReady Assessment.
Good Morning Moanalua Middle. Have a great day. Please Kokua and drive with Aloha, also students don't forget to bring a water bottle so you can be hydrated at school. Be safe everyone. #mmsherd #808educate
Welcome Back Moanalua MS 8th Graders, hope that your orientation went well...
Mahalo Team Huliamahi (this years 8C)
Aloha for driving with Aloha,
I know traffic was a pill this morning, it will get better. With the start of our elementary school this morning, traffic was a lot heavier today for all students and staff. We will get through this together. After a few more days, traffic should be a little better, as all of us adjust our drop off and pick up time.
Remember our ES next door starts at 8am and we start at 830am. Have a beautiful day. Drive with Aloha. #mmsherd #808educate
Awesome day 7th graders.
I hope you enjoyed your 7th grade orientation, the virtual assembly, fun activities, scavenger hunt, rotation to classes, meeting and visiting important people and places around campus.
Get some rest tonight, memorize your schedule, get ready to start school on Thursday, at 830am.
We will start the day once again with your Advisory class.
Go Mustangs.
Aloha Moanalua Middle School Ohana,
Just a reminder that we start tomorrow morning (8/3) at 830am for 7th graders only.  Tomorrow is our 7th-grade Orientation.  The school day ends at 2:36 pm.
On Wednesday (8/4) we will have only 8th graders join us for the day starting at 830am for our 8th-grade orientation.  The school day ends at 1:40 pm.
Then on Thursday (8/5), we welcome both 7th and 8th grade to campus, starting at 830am.  Our school day ends at 2:36 pm.
Our faculty and staff have worked very hard to prepare our campus to be safe for everyone.  We have made some adjustments to our assembly schedule to ensure our staff and student safety.
If you did not pick up your child's schedule during our packet pick-ups, please stop by the office.
Remember, while on campus you must be wearing an appropriate face mask.
Happy New Year Everyone...
Welcome Back Moanalua Middle School...(Stay tuned for more news from me)
For now, here is what we look like...LOL