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MMS GE Lottery

Revised: 3/15/2018


Moanalua Middle School Geographic Exception Lottery

Due to the high number of geographic exception applications submitted to Moanalua Middle School (MMS) annually, a lottery is held to determine an application’s priority. MMS will only accept applications requesting to participate in the school’s offered programs of study. Please remember the highest priority goes to students who live in the MMS community. Only after these students are placed in their programs of study will MMS determine the number of available slots. MMS does not make any guarantee that slots will be available for any one particular program of study.

  1. Names are pulled, at random, to determine the priority of an application. The first name pulled will be given the designation of #1, the second will be given the designation of #2, and so forth. This will continue until all names have been pulled.
  2. Names with the lowest number designation are given priority over higher number. (e.g., #4 has a priority over #40)
  3. Applications that do not specify a program of study will be automatically placed on a waiting list.
  4. Once all slots for a program of study are filled, remaining applications will be placed on a waiting list.
  5. Notifications will be made whether or not applications have been accepted or denied.