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Graduated from Pearl City High School
Bachelors of Education-Secondary Physical Education

I started out my teaching career at King Intermediate School back in 1993. I taught there for 2 years and then transferred to Moanalua Middle School.

I have been married for 23 years and currently have 4 children (all boys). I consider my 4 boys the most important thing in my life as they are my inspiration for everything that I do in my daily life. Besides spending "all" of my free time caring for my boys, I try to keep my aging body in top shape by working out 6 days a week (Insanity w/ Shaun T all the way!!!!!!) and watching what I eat. I love to watch ESPN and am a huge football (Go 9 ers' & Rainbow Warriors) and New York Yankees fan. I also love the beach to just relax with the family and take in a little tan once in awhile. Oh, I love to eat as well and on my "free eat" day I love ice cream, ice cream, and ice cream. Cookie's and Cream baby!!!!!

I look forward to another school year and I hope all of my students have a wonderful 2018-19
school year. Have a good one everybody!!!!! Study hard too.....See you soon!!!!!