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*National Board Certified Teacher in Social Studies - History for Early Adolescence
*State of Hawaii Certified Teacher - Social Studies in Secondary Education
Teaching Experience
*Moanalua Middle School  
*Waianae Intermediate,  Highlands Intermediate, and Radford High
Educational Background
*University of Hawaii at Manoa - Professional Diploma - Secondary Education Social Studies
*Pomona College, Claremont, California - Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Public Policy 
*Pearl City High School, Pearl City, Hawaii
My husband, Roy, and I are blessed with two loving sons. Both Ryan and Michael graduated from Moanalua High and are attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  
I like to go out to eat, watch movies, SUP (stand up paddle), zumba and jazzercise, travel, surf the Web, read, attend my boys' sports and music events and other activities, and hang out with friends and relatives.  At my home church, I am an audio-visual member for our worship team, and I occasionally dance Christian hula.  Some of my favorite places to shop at are Longs, Wal-mart, Macy's, Sam's Club, and   
Besides Hawaii, I have lived and worked in California, Delaware, and Sweden.  Some of my past jobs include being a: waitress, drug store clerk, women's shelter intake counselor, au pair (family assistant) in Sweden, Dole cannery pineapple trimmer, and strawberry picker.
It's a privilege to be a part of the Moanalua Middle School community and be a part of Team 7B this year.   It looks like it is going to be a really good year!
Contact Info.
*email through 
*305-1289 (leave a message with the office)

Recent Posts

4 Achieve3000 Articles due 11/7 (by 11:59 p.m.)

Here are the four articles emailed to you Monday, 10/27.  You have until 11/7.
As discussed earlier in class this week, this is your only homework.  We also read the articles in class and discuss them.  Therefore, late Achieve 3000 work will not be accepted.
Many students have already completed all four articles as of today, 10/31.  Good work!
A3000 #1: New Coin Remembers Hawaii's History
A3000 #2: Hawaii's Early Settlers
A3000 #3: The Land and the Sea
A3000 #4: The Great Mahele
Do only the "activity" questions. Do your best. Only "first try" scores will count: 75%=1/1, 88%=1.1, 100%=1.2. Scores below 75% will be given as scored: 50% = .5/1, 33%=.33, etc.
You must complete them by 11:59 pm on Friday, Nov.7. Late work will not be accepted for Teenbiz.
Your class is entered in the TeenBiz contest (1 contest point. for 75%, 2 pts. for 88%, 3 pts. for 100%) which ends Nov. 21.

Mini-Quiz: Hawaiian Islands 10/17 (pd.1- 10/16)

You need to draw the 8 main Hawaiian Islands by memory, label the islands and 6 main towns (Hilo, Honolulu, Lanai City, Kaunakakai, Lihue, and Wailuku).

Spelling counts! No retakes so study well. 

CONGRATULATIONS to our Team 7C winners, Bryce Barcelona and Xavier Martin, for correctly answering all three questions below:

What city and continent was this photo taken in?  

                         Washington D.C., North America

The gigantic statue is an image of __________  ___________________  ___.

                         King Kamehameha I
What building are we (my family) in?

                         U.S. Capitol Building

It was taken in June 2014.


Geography Tests Scores Posted

Tests have been posted and overall, the results were excellent!  Good work, Team 7C.  If your score is not posted, then please see me about your test (to either take it if you were absent, or to put more than half of your name on it, or to follow test procedure directions, etc.)

Geography Tests Results

The tests are still being scored.  The results will be posted on Jupitergrades when they are ready (and the absent people from last week finish taking their tests).  Look for scores by this weekend.

Oahu Map Project

Here are the directions and the rubric for your Oahu Map Project.  It will be worth about 25% of your 1st quarter grade.  You need to turn in your draft this week in order to receive your large Oahu map for your final map.

Geography Test Study Guide

You were given the details for the Geography Test.  You have been asked to write the details twice- in your planner as well as on one sheet of folder paper. Please study well since this is a summative assessment of your learning this quarter.

Here is the Outline for your Study Guide:

1. 7 Continents on a map

2. 5 Oceans on a map

3. 25 Places on a map (from CNN Student News)

4. 5 Geography Themes

5. Using Cardinal Directions

Sept.15 - 19 Advisory schedule

Advisory Schedule for this week:
Monday   Math Monday, Planner signatures, Zippy's chili fundraiser order forn and money, last chance for student emails and parent emails on Jupitergrades for credit
Tuesday   Planner signatures and TeenBiz (Achieve3000)
Wednesday    Seminar during regular advisory and a video on SLPC (Student-Led Portfolio Conferences) during BLOCK.  You will begin creating your portfolios.
Thursday   Home Communication and  Thinking Map #5: Brace Map (Whole- Part Relationships)
Friday     Fun Friday and Zippy's chili fundraiser order forms and money due

Social Studies Manila Folder

Keep all of your social studies work in here after you receive it back after it has been scored and recorded.  You may borrow assignments to study for a test and then you must RETURN it to the folder.  Keep the manila folder in D8 at all times.  You will use it for 8th grade papers, too.

I will provide you with a manila folder.  Neatly Print your first and last name and period on the top half of the tab.  You may use your own manila folder if you wish.