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7th/8th Grade Language Arts   

Mrs. Janice Oumaye


Course Description:


The goal of this course is to improve skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, reading fluency, and oral communication through our 7/8 grade curriculum and through the use of Read 180, which utilizes high-interest paperbacks, audio books, videos and computer activities to strengthen reading skills.  (Please see attached letter for more information regarding READ 180.) 


This course follows the Hawaii Language Arts Content Performance Standards and Common Core State Standards.  For more info, please go to the DOE website at:


In addition to our Language Arts standards/benchmarks, students will be assessed on the General Learner Outcomes (GLO’s), which are essential skills and attitudes about learning set by the State of Hawaii, Department of Education.  These GLO’s include:


GLO 1:  Self-Directed Learner:  The ability to be responsible for one’s own learning

GLO 2:  Community Contributor:  The understanding that it is essential for human

             beings to work together

GLO3:  Complex Thinker:  The ability to perform complex thinking and problem solving

GLO 4: Quality Producer:  The ability to recognize and produce quality performance

   and quality products

GLO 5:  Effective Communicator:  The ability to communicate effectively

GLO 6:  Effective and Ethical Technology User: The ability to use a variety of

             Technologies effectively and ethically

Classroom Expectations:

All students are expected to follow the TRIBES agreements: 

          Mutual Respect

          Attentive Listening

          Show Appreciation/No Put Downs

          Right to Pass/Participate


AND the “Golden Rule”:  Respect yourself, others, and property


This rule and the TRIBES agreements encompass everything (e.g., if you respect yourself, you will bring all needed supplies, complete assignments and focus in class every day).  It creates a safe, caring, learning environment.  We are “OHANA.” 



  • Student planner (students are to write down assignments, etc.)
  • composition book (can be “used” with 2/3 of book blank, I have many used books that your child can have)
  • folder paper
  • pens (standard black and blue ink)
  • pencils/eraser
  • portfolio OR “pocket” in binder specifically for this class’ work/parent info
  • highlighters (green, yellow and pink)
  • 10 sheet protectors
  • jump drive (can use the same one for other classes)

Ongoing Weekly Homework Assignments (for the year):


          1.  Read a Read 180 book at least 5 times a week for minimum of 20 minutes

              each.  Reading logs will be checked on first day of the week; please initial the

              reading log.

                   a.  Your child will be expected to take extra care with these books.  They are not meant to be taken out of the classroom, but for lack of available class time, I will allow them to borrow these books to read at home.  (They will be responsible to pay for any lost or damaged books.)

                        They are required to read between 2 – 4 books a quarter, depending or the length of the books.  They will be required to take the corresponding quiz that accompanies the books.

2.    Read at least 2 Teen Biz articles and complete the multiple choice questions

     every week.  Articles assigned by other classes can count toward this class’

requirements.  The student needs to complete a minimum TOTAL of two 

articles per week for my class’ requirement. 

3.    Write one reading response per week based on the book that is being read--

one question per week.  The questions are attached and are due the first day of the week.

4.    Choose two unknown vocabulary words per week and fill chart using context

clues (to be discussed in class).

          5.  Complete assignments not completed in class.


Grading Scale:

Grades will be based on the level of proficiency demonstrated through work completed both in and out of class.  Students will be allowed to redo and/or make up ANY work till the end of the quarter for higher grades. 












Partially Proficient






No Attempt


Technically, a 2 point score is not really passing with a “C.”  It means that your child did not really get the concept being taught.  However, it will be treated as a “C” equivalent for my class purposes. Students’ grades will be posted and updated on weekly.  


I have thoroughly enjoyed your child so far!  I am looking forward to working together with you to ensure success for your child this year.  Please feel free to contact me  for any reason. at 831-7850, ext. 279 and/or through e-mail at