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Staying Healthy and Safe this School Year, by making good choices, being considerate of others and having good hygiene!


*Wash Hands....keeping your hands clean, avoid touching eyes and mouth with dirty hands.

*Do Not Share....drinks (even water falling)/food/snacks/clothes/jackets

*Sneezing or Coughing....Cover your mouth with back of had, use inside shirt/jacket, arm 

*No considerate of others no pushing/running/open/close door slowly/safely

*Be aware of your surroundings......on the field/courts watch for rocks/sticks/students backpacks etc

*Allergies.....know your allergies move away and share with friends to avoid any incidents

*Play aggressive play/bullying/rough play---keep accident free, stay positive and encourage one another!

*Dress Code.....take pride in how you look following the rules keeps teachers/parents very proud of you!

*Make good choices......not feeling well/fever/throwing up/diarrhea communicate with parent rest/fluids return to school 24 hours fever free.


It's not fun being sick or getting hurt so remember share positive words/kindness not germs and making good choices will result in more fun!

Be encouraged, live life to its fullest by working hard, being respectful to all and yourself, spread goodness have a dream, have a plan, have faith, time flies so keep moving forward no matter what happens you can and will persevere, everyday is a learning experience no matter what your future is bright!


Live it well with thankfulness, take care,

Michelle (SHA)